Protests Only Work If You Actually Have a Cause

I watched with great amusement the “Women’s March on Washington” protests last Saturday through the constant Facebook status updates and the intense media coverage.

Meanwhile, I spent the whole day eating pizza, playing video games, and fapping to Internet porn. Yet that was still more of an accomplishment than anything those marchers achieved.

I still have absolutely no idea why they were marching.

If you want to make a protest work, you have to actually have a cause to march for. And you must publicly declare your cause.

The “Women’s March on Washington” looked like a random grab-bag of feminist screeching. Birth Control! Abortion! Planned Parenthood!

The protests against President Trump’s Inauguration the day before weren’t any better. They seemed more like an excuse to riot and smash up the local Starbucks. Or an excuse for a literal shit-eating libtard to sucker punch an Alt-Right figure simply for voicing different political opinions. Or an excuse for a fat, ugly, disgusting feminist (but I repeat myself) to do her its best Darth Vader impression.

Without any discernible cause to be marching for or against, these protesters just look like whiny little bitches who are crying because they didn’t get their way. Boo-fucking-whoo, your side didn’t win an election. Try again in four years when maybe the Democrats won’t be running the most incompetent and corrupt candidate ever who plays identity politics and feels entitled to the presidency solely for possessing a vagina.

By all means, protest against President Trump if he actually does something worthy of protest. If he actually commits some atrocity against U.S. citizens. If he invades a foreign nation for no good reason.

Hell, I might even join you in that case.

But until then, these stupid protests are happening solely due to fear.

The lying, corrupt media has worked up all the leftists into a frenzy, solely by making them afraid of President Trump. The leftists fear that President Trump will take away their healthcare, leaving them to die in the dirt. They fear that President Trump is going to lock them all away in a concentration camp simply for being brown or gay. They fear that President Trump is LITERALLY the second coming of Hitler.

That’s all it is. Fear.

Bare fear is not a justifiable reason for protesting.

Bare fear is not a justifiable reason for doing anything.

Taking to the streets solely out of fear only makes your side look cowardly and weak. These protesters look like nothing but dumb, feral animals. How can you win people over if you’re unable to control your base impulses?

You need a unified, coherent message to win people over with protests. You need an actual cause regarding something that’s actually happened. Not what you imagine will happen.

Consider some of the great protests throughout history.

The Arab Spring in 2011 was a series of uprisings against Muslim dictatorships in favor of establishing democratic rule.

With chants of “No Blood For Oil!”, protesters marched in 2003 in opposition to Bush’s idiotic war in Iraq. These protests echoed back to those of the 1960s and 1970s, when protesters took to the streets to voice their opposition to the United States’s idiotic involvement in Vietnam.

The original 1963 “March on Washington” where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech was spurred by deep civil rights violations and extensive discrimination and segregation against black people.

Gandhi marched in 1930 to collect salt in defiance of the British monopoly on the salt trade.

I don’t even insist that protests must remain non-violent. If necessary, there is a proper time and place for violence and property destruction during a protest. Thich Quang Duc, for example, lit himself on fire to protest his government’s persecution of Buddhists.

Less dramatically, the Boston Tea Party is another great example. Men gathered to destroy a shipment of tea as a protest against unfair taxation levied by their British overlords, paving the way for the American Revolution later on.

All of these great protests have one major, important thing in common. They all had a clear, well-defined cause because the protesters actually had legitimate grievances. Their governments had actually done something in reality worthy of protest. Those governments had actually taken adverse actions that negatively impacted different groups of people.

Actual human rights violations, government atrocities, unfair taxes, etc. are all fair game for things to protest against. You don’t even have to agree with the protesters’ positions to at least acknowledge they have a cause.

But protesting because you’re scared of the boogeyman? Marching in the streets because of your deranged fever dreams of scenarios that will never happen? Vandalizing businesses because you lost a fair and free democratic election? Go fuck yourself.

Besides, there is no reason to fear President Trump. He is going to Make America Great Again. For all Americans.