I Support President Donald J. Trump

President Donald J. Trump was inaugurated into office today.

I have been an ardent supporter since the day he first announced his candidacy.

My biggest regret in not returning to blogging earlier is that I missed my opportunity to chime in on the craziness that was the 2016 presidential election while it was happening. So yeah, I know I’m a little late to this party now that the election has passed.

Still, I feel compelled to express my support for the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Here are a few reasons why I’ve been a Trump supporter since the beginning:

I Love Trump Because the SJWs Hate Him

When Donald Trump first rode down that golden escalator and announced his candidacy on 15 June 2016, like many people, I didn’t know what to make of him. I first thought Trump was just going to be another clown among the cornucopia of Republican candidates.

I only knew Donald Trump as that billionaire real estate investor with the catchphrase of “you’re fired” from that television show I never watched. But then he gave us a new quote which was repeated almost as often:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best… They’re sending people that have lots of problems… They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

And oh my, did that quote set off the social justice warriors. Their screechings then began to amplify after Trump showed us his Teflon coating during the first GOP debate on 06 August 2015 when he was “confronted” by some of the things he had said about that fat, ugly, gross lesbian, Rosie O’Donnell.

That’s when I knew I had found my candidate.

I’ve been forced to watch the SJWs steadily gain power over the last eight years with Obama in charge. They’ve gone on witch hunts to purge straight, white males from college campuses. They incite mobs to threaten people’s livelihoods because they have a different political opinion. They promote cultural degeneracy and destroy stable families, all while spewing hate and venom toward anyone with more traditionalist views.

This shit needs to stop. I am sick and tired of the blue-haired freaks lecturing me non-stop about my “privilege” and the dangers of “toxic masculinity” and “rape culture”.

Supporting Donald Trump for president is the ultimate way to fight back against the SJW lynch mobs.

I love seeing the SJWs constantly triggered by everything Trump says and does. It’s so beautiful. The SJW bullies are finally getting theirs.

Even if Trump was the second-coming of Hitler like the SJWs screech, I still would have voted for him solely to piss off the SJWs. That’s how much I despise them.

Political Correctness Is a Cancer That Needs to Stop

As a physicist who currently works in academics, I’ve seen firsthand just how damaging political correctness can be. I’ve personally been subjected to a couple of HR “investigation” witch hunts because some cunts didn’t like a couple of off-color jokes I told. I constantly feel like I have to walk on egg-shells to avoid saying something which could potentially be “offensive.”

I whole-heartedly believe in freedom of speech. And I yearn to actually have the freedom to speak freely.

But SJWs, always on the lookout to find some way of being a victim, want to take away my right to free speech. They keep pushing for laws to outlaw so-called “hate speech.” If I dare to criticize a woman or Islam or an illegal immigrant or a member of some other “protected minority”, the SJW lynch mobs will descend on me like a plague of locusts.

Or maybe I’ll just inadvertently commit some “micro-aggression” instead. Then I’ll just be condescendingly lectured to about my “privilege”.

That was one motivation for re-starting my blog. I’ve reached the point where I can’t stand anymore to be constrained in my speech. Working in academics is also the reason I have to blog under a pseudonym, lest I be denied a job if the other academics discover I’m actually not a communist.

But now, like a gift from the heavens, here comes Donald J. Trump, standing up against the incessant political correctness. Trump is a man who speaks his mind and doesn’t apologize for it. He truly lives and speaks freely, and I envy that freedom. Fortunately, Trump has been showing me the way to fight against PC culture.

If President Trump achieves nothing else while in office but the complete destruction and annihilation of PC culture, then I will consider him to be a success.

Trump Is an Old-School Liberal

Besides my hatred of SJWs and the corrupt media, I also support President Trump because I agree with his stances on the biggest issues facing the United States.

Ironically, Trump ran as a Republican, even though many of his stances are really of the old-school liberal variety. I actually happen to be pretty liberal (in the classical sense) on a wide variety of issues, and they perfectly align with Trump. It’s almost comical that he’s been embraced by today’s conservatives and rejected by today’s liberals.

Once upon a time, Democrats used to be the party that represented average, blue-collar workers like my father. The type of men who built and maintain the infrastructure that made America great. They get no special glory working in factories or coal mines or construction jobs. But those vocations are vital for society. Democrats made sure those workers could unionize, protecting their jobs and increasing their standard of living.

Liberals used to be people like Jim Webb, John F. Kennedy, or Howard Dean (who was my first-ever vote for president). Candidates with populist messages who supported the hard-working middle class that make up the backbone of this country. Candidates who wanted to use the power of government to help people.

But that all started to change under the “leadership” of President Clinton. He signed NAFTA into law, and ever since, those good-paying manufacturing jobs have been bleeding away. Hillary wanted even more shitty trade deals like the TPP so we could lose even more jobs.

Trump knows a bad deal when he sees one, and I support him for pushing to re-negotiate America’s horrible trade deals. As I grew up in the Midwest, it came as no surprise to me when Trump swept the Rust Belt on election night.

Ending Pointless Wars

I’m so old, I remember when liberals were also the ones against fighting pointless wars. Oh, how I remember the controversy when Bush and the Neo-Cons dragged us into Iraq in 2003. At the time, I had no choice but to identify as a liberal because I so strongly disagreed with the decision to invade Iraq. And as it turns out, I was right all along that we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq.

I can’t forgive Hillary for voting for the Iraq war. And Obama has made absolutely no progress on ending America’s pointless quagmires around the globe.

But now with President Trump, we’re actually getting a president who doesn’t believe in wasting resources fighting these never-ending wars that do nothing but enrich the military-industrial complex.

Imagine if Hillary were taking office, instead. She’s so much of a war-hawk that we’d probably be finding ourselves in wars with North Korea, Iran, Syria, and maybe even Russia. I’ll never understand why contemporary liberals have such a hard-on for hating Russia. Maybe they’re mad at Russia for proving that communism is a failed ideology.

Instead, we actually have a president that wants to strengthen our alliance with Russia. The horror!

America Is Broken, But Trump Can Fix It

Career politicians are good at suckling at the American taxpayer’s teat. Too bad that’s all they’re good at.

Crumbling infrastructure, rapidly increasing national debt, a broken health care system, stagnant wages, mortgage-sized student loan debts, lack of good high-paying jobs, piss-poor border controls, skyrocketing costs of living, a dwindling space program, an ever-expanding surveillance state… the list goes on. That’s the legacy that America’s career politicians have left us.

And I can’t even tell if they’ve done this maliciously, or if it just happened due to their gross incompetence.

Even many liberals realized the severity of our problems during the 2016 election. That’s why they threw their support behind Bernie Sanders. Too bad ol’ Bernie turned out to be the epitome of the career politician who’s only good at suckling at the taxpayer teat.

What we need is a true outside perspective. We need a president who can look at our problems from a completely new perspective. We need a president who isn’t beholden to the special interests.

President Trump is that rogue, maverick outsider.

I support President Trump because I believe he may be the only man on Earth who can fix these problems on this level of magnitude. His years of business experience prove it. President Trump is a man who thinks big and dreams bigger.

America First

As an American nationalist, I want to dream big again about America.

I want America to rebuild its infrastructure. New roads, new buildings, new bridges. Tap water that everyone can drink.

I want an America where a family can maintain a comfortable lifestyle on one spouse’s salary so that the other can stay home and raise the children.

I want an America where we once again push the boundaries of the frontier as we assert our dominance into space. It’s depressing that we don’t even have an operational space shuttle program.

I want an America that respects its traditions and preserves its culture. I want an America that lives up to its ideals of freedom and liberty for all people. But it must make sure that everyone coming into this country respects those principles.

With a president who puts America first, we can do it. We can have a government that actually works for the people it serves. Not one that shills for globalism and protects the establishment.

No more wasted resources. No more money spent on idiotic wars abroad. No more time wasted on feel-good distraction issues.

Now with President Trump, we have a leader who will invest his time and our money solely into America.

And I believe it because above all else, President Trump has shown his commitment to efficiency. You see this efficiency mindset in everything Trump does. From the way he markets himself to how he spends his money to how he determines his policy positions. His policies are based on the mindset of making the government work more efficiently in service to the American people.

And all of that finally begins today, 20 January 2017, as Donald J. Trump assumes the office of President of the United States of America.

I couldn’t be happier.