A Lonely Resurrection

Four and a half years.

That’s approximately how long ago it was when I first tried the blogging game. I created an account with WordPress and bought myself a nifty little domain name. I even proceeded to write a few articles. Then I abruptly quit.

I don’t have any good reason. Except that writing is hard. And I’m lazy.

But every year, I’ve been renewing my domain name. And every year, I told myself this would be the year I get back to blogging. I even meant it, too. I am a master at lying to myself.

I’m also a master at finding excuses not to write. All I have to do is sit down, open up a text editor, and move my fingers on a keyboard. It should be that easy, right? And yet, in a world where I hear the siren calls of Netflix and video games… well, somehow the work never gets done.

I’ve thought about this blog nearly every day since I quit. I’ve kept a list of ideas that would make great blog posts. I want to get back into writing. No… I need to get back into writing.

If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a lot of shit going on right now in the world. A lot of shit I want to speak up about, even if I just end up ranting at nobody in particular. I can’t stay silent anymore.

More than that, I’m a damn good writer. Or at least I am when I actually apply myself. It’s a great travesty that I’m not exposing the world to my talents.

I have dreams of making it big and making a living through my writing. My plans have always been to get this blog running, then use the blogging platform to launch my career writing novels and short stories.

But that’s all they’ve been for four and a half years: dreams. Now I look back and wonder, where could I be today if I had actually started then?

Every day I don’t write, I tell myself, that’s okay, there’s always tomorrow. I’ve told myself that for over a thousand yesterdays.

My whole life has revolved around inaction and instant gratification. Forever dreaming and forever procrastinating.

Well, that stops now. There are no more tomorrows. There is only today. No more endless dreaming; it’s time for endless doing.

My New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to return to blogging. And what better way to start a New Year’s resolution than starting it a week early?

Bring on 2017. Let’s get started.