Questions or comments for me? Want to know where else I hang out online so you can stalk me? On this page, I’ve listed my various accounts on the Internet. I may not be currently active on some of them, as I like squatting on my chosen user name. However, I’ve listed them here so you can verify which accounts belong to me.

Of course, you can always use the contact form below for a direct approach. Unless you state an otherwise preference, it will be assumed all correspondence can be used in a future post. Or even a past post once I get my time machine working.


Social Media:

Twitter: @Shrodax
Facebook: Quentin Shrodax
Gab: @Shrodax
Reddit: /u/Shrodax
Instagram: QuentinShrodax
Imgur: Shrodax
Tumblr: Shrodax
Disqus: @Shrodax
YouTube: Quentin Shrodax
Google Plus: Quentin Shrodax
Minds: Shrodax
SoundCloud: Shrodax
Steam: Shrodax
Roosh V Forum: Shrodax
Hitman Forum: Shrodax

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