As my blog is self-titled, you’ve probably already figured out that my name is Quentin Vladimir Shrodax. Or rather, due to current personal and professional reasons for anonymity, I should say that’s my pen name.

I am a physicist, writer, world traveler, martial and venusian artist, firearm and knife enthusiast, whiskey and cigar aficionado, video game player, and all-around supreme badass.

I’m also heavily¬†opinionated and right about everything, so this blog serves as my soapbox to express my thoughts on a variety of topics. Chiefly, as my tagline suggests, my main interests revolve around sex, science, self-defense, and society. I also venture into discussions on travel, politics, neomasculinity, writing, entertainment media, and some of my crazy life adventures. I don’t include those topics in the sub-title because they don’t have any good alliterations with the letter “S”.

If you wish to contact or stalk me, you can find my Internet hangouts on the Contact page.

Oh yeah, and my favorite color is purple.