What Is The Purpose of My Blog?

After reading my previous post about resurrecting myself after a 4.5 year absence, you might be wondering: what the hell is this blog even about? What is my purpose in blogging? That’s not an entirely unfounded question.

When I first attempted blogging in 2012, assuming you’d even call my 8 posts an “attempt”, I had aspirations of becoming a game/lifestyle/generic-manosphere blog. But I fizzled out because I realized I didn’t have anything to say. Now I do.

What could I say about game that hadn’t already been said a million times by others with far more experience with women? Back in 2012, I still had a fairly low notch count and was in a committed relationship. Since that relationship ended, my notch count has increased appreciably. Now I finally feel like I have some wisdom to share regarding women.

What could I say about lifestyle? Back in 2012, I was unemployed after graduate school and struggling to find employment. I even had to move back in with my parents in my hometown in the Midwest. That depressing reality doesn’t make good fodder for a lifestyle blog.

I currently have a good, cushy job (at least as far as wage slave jobs go) and am just starting to hit my stride in life. Only now do I actually have the means to travel and have adventures. Only now do I finally feel like I have something to say about developing a lifestyle.

However, game and lifestyle are just two of the things I will be focusing on. I envision my blog as encompassing much, much more.

The primary purpose of my blog is simple: it’s my soapbox for discussing all my passions in life, the place where I can freely discuss anything and everything that appeals to me, and an outlet for chronicling some of my crazy life stories.

Is it possible to adequately and neatly summarize all my passions and interests for maximum SEO purposes? Hell if I know.

Matt Forney breaks down blogging into three tiers:

A tier-3 blog has no purpose and no mission aside from being a place where you can write stuff and other people can read it. What do you write on a tier-3 blog, you might ask?

Anything and everything.

Whenever you get the urge to write, write. It doesn’t matter what, so long as you write. Local politics, your favorite music videos, book reviews, celebrity gossip, the corn content of a pile of shit; if it crosses your mind, blog about it. Fisk some feminists, rant about your co-workers, and generally do what you want, when you want. If you feel like writing a post at three in the morning on a Sunday while drunk off your ass on Twisted Teas, go right ahead.

Once you’ve gathered enough data from the tier-3 blog, you advance to tier-2: a tightly-focused and organized blog. A tier-2 blog has a particular topic of interest and a set schedule of publication. The articles you write for a tier-2 blog are well thought-out and value-add; you don’t simply pick something that’s happening in the news and grouse about it, you write something that will genuinely enlighten people and continue to be relevant months, years after it’s published.

I’d like to establish this blog as being somewhere between Tier 3 and Tier 2. I ostensibly have a Tier 2 purpose and a mission as encapsulated by my tagline: “Musings on Sex, Science, Self-Defense, and Society”. However, like Tier 3, I don’t want to be completely committed to a specific theme. I want to retain the freedom of sometimes being able to deviate and rant about whatever’s on my mind.

But as far as my ostensible purpose, let’s break down what my tagline means:

  • “Musings” is my leeway to post about all of my introspective thoughts and wonder aloud about a topic.
  • “Sex” covers my posts about game and seduction concepts, as well as my wisdom about women. Also any of my crazy sex stories.
  • “Science” covers the fact that I’m a physicist, and I love discussing the inner workings of our strange and vast universe. It’s also the category where I can geek out over new discoveries and technological developments.
  • “Self-Defense” covers my obsession casual interest in firearms, knives, and martial arts, as well as all forms of “forbidden knowledge” such as lock-picking, tactical skills, surveillance techniques, and all the other miscellaneous things you usually see in spy thrillers.
  • “Society” covers my need to talk about culture and politics, especially my distaste for the cancer that is the social justice warrior phenomenon. And because no discussion of society could be complete without comparing and contrasting different cultures, I’ll also be sharing what I’ve learned from my travels around the world.

I’ve limited my tagline to those categories primarily because none of the others have any good alliterations with the letter “S.”

Besides, because everything is technically contained within a society, the latter category is my umbrella term for being able to discuss pretty much anything else.

Many of my other interests can be summarized under the tenets of traditional masculinity: the freedom to speak one’s mind, self-improvement, health & fitness, lifestyle optimization, a red-pill understanding of human behavior, etc. Taking those concepts and applying them to modern-day society, one of my biggest influences in blogging, Roosh, coined the term Neomasculinity. As a man who strives everyday for masculine endeavors, Neomasculinity has formed a major component of my mindset.

Speaking of mindset, Mike Cernovich and Victor Pride have been major influences on me, as well. In fact, their frequent blogging about mindset and having a positive mental attitude, especially Victor Pride’s recent Full Color Godcasts, are the kick in the ass I needed to motivate me to re-start my blog.

The concept of mindset ties neatly into another life-long interest of mine, psychology. I got into science in an attempt to understand the inner workings of the universe, and likewise I’ve been interested in psychology in an attempt to understand how people think and behave. Given the overlap with game and science, psychology and mindset are naturally also topics I’ll be blogging about.

All that pretty much summarizes the “serious” discussions I plan to have with this blog. But like the Joker once said, “Why so serious?” Being all work and no play would be no fun, so I’ll also be blogging my thoughts on non-serious topics, like my favorite movies and vices. As I casually mentioned in my previous post, a lot of my procrastination on writing is due to being distracted by Netflix and video games. I’m not gonna change that much, so of course I’ll still be wasting some time with Netflix and video games. But what I can do differently is to rationalize wasting time by writing about it later! Genius!

Now, if you’ve kept reading this post this far, you’ll have noticed that I’ve put in a lot of time into designing what my blog will become. So you might be wondering, if I’m putting in all this work, then…

What is my end goal in blogging?

Honestly? To make enough money online to become location independent. My dream is to be able to travel the world, have adventures, and make money through writing. I have some ideas for novels and short stories that I will be writing, and I will be tying those into a true Tier-2 blog that I’m currently developing. So you’ll also see posts on my blog revolving around writing in addition to everything else.

I’ve been procrastinating on my dream for far too long now, stupidly thinking that one day I’ll just wake up and my dreams will have come true. But to absolutely nobody’s surprise, nothing is going to happen unless I take action.

So that’s what I’m doing. My first step in taking action is to restart this blog, get to writing, and get some feedback on my writing.

That’s the true purpose of this blog.