Fat or Curvy… or Have I Been in America Too Long?

Whoah, it’s been over 3 weeks since my last post on here. It’s funny how quickly time can slip by when you’re not blogging. I’m gonna have to remedy that in the future with more frequent posts. But anyway…

Last week, Roosh Tweeted a link to a blog post entitled Fatkini 2012 asking the question “What’s worse… the pictures or the comments?” For those of you too lazy to click the link, here’s a sample of one of the pictures:

All the comments on her post are a constant stream of calling her “gorgeous”, “beautiful”, etc. Essentially all the stereotypical feel-good comments girls give each other and the over-the-top flattery provided by a girl’s beta orbiters. So yeah, the comments are pretty nauseatingly bad no matter who the girl is.

But I truly and honestly don’t understand Roosh’s perspective on these pictures, especially asking if they’re worse than the comments. In theory, I get the whole “holy shit, fat women shouldn’t wear bikinis or even be seen in public” agenda motivating Roosh’s comment, and I certainly don’t hold that against him. My problem is that my mind simply cannot conceive of this girl being considered “fat”.

Yes, I can see where Roosh is coming from, as this girl isn’t exactly small, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s fat. This might be a rare, legitimate use of using the words “big-boned” or “curvy” to describe her. I’ve met a few girls before in person who legitimately have a larger-than-average bone structure, and it’s always a little weird meeting a girl the same size as me who isn’t fat.

One tell-tale sign and turn-off I look for in fat chicks is a noticeable jiggly flabbiness in her neck, arms, and thighs, along with significant rolls of fatty flesh in her abdomen protruding over the mons pubis. I don’t see any of those signs in this chick. Also absent are any traces of cellulite or stretch marks. With most fat chicks, I can at least imagine what they’d look like if they lost weight, but not so with this girl. She appears to be healthy to me.

In fact, at the risk of being lumped in with her other commentators, I’d even say I would happily and totally wreck every orifice on this girl. And I wouldn’t even feel the slightest bit of shame afterwards. (Though to be fair, I should admit that when I look at her, all I really see are her HUGE BEWBS. And I really, really like HUGE BEWBS. Also, those big, dick-sucking lips.)

Is there some optical illusion at work? The stripes in the bikini drawing my eyes to see an attractive chick? Is the bikini bottom acting as a corset? The devil magic of Photoshop at work in just the right places? Being too distracted by her HUGE BEWBS?

Or have I simply been in America too long? My brain can’t even conceive of this woman being “fat”, and sex with her would make my dick rock hard. Perhaps I’ve built an immune response to the plethora of fat chicks in this country, that I can’t fully recognize one where others in the Manosphere do. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this topic.

But maybe this discussion is completely pointless. After all, isn’t the only thing that really matters is that she decisively passes my boner test?