No Regrets

Yesterday, I went to visit my elderly great aunt in the nursing home. And I’m hoping for her sake, it’s the last time. I haven’t seen her in a few years, and the last time I did, she was healthy and vibrant. But now, she’s weak, frail, bedridden, forced to wear a diaper, barely able to speak, and completely dependent on nurses for her care. It put everything in perspective just how quickly life can change for the worse.

I could be just like that someday (Except I’m planning on finding the nearest cliff to jump off of before reaching that point). And it got me wondering, what will I regret when it’s me on my own deathbed? I want the answer to be “absolutely nothing.” Sure, there’s no way I can do and experience everything possible in life before dying, and I accept that. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try my¬†damnedest.

That means if I see a pretty girl I want to fuck, I will talk to her. That means if I want to meet more people and make more friends, I will go outside more. That means if I want to travel frequently, I will work my ass off to find a way to become location independent. That means if I want to publish a novel someday, I will be writing every day. That means if I want to experience other cultures, I will be studying and learning foreign languages. That means if I want to learn how to fight, I will start practicing a martial art. That means if I want only happiness in my life, I will be cutting out all the negative people and influences surrounding me. That means if I want as much time as possible to do these things, I will work out more and eat right.

Those are just a handful of things on my list of what I want to accomplish and how I want to accomplish them. So when the time comes, I can honestly say, “I regret nothing!”

What about you? What will you regret?

  • Mr. Pointyface

    Thanks for starting your blog, you horrible, horrible–well, MAN.

    Good tale about your aging relative, it’s one of the reasons nurses are hot women– they actually help people daily, and they see what really happens to us when we get old.

    Your idea of “jumping off a cliff” however brands you as young, as that is something that take serious serious nerve.

    Really, the problem with reasoned suicide is that most people are too feeble to do it when they get to the point where their lives aren’t really worth living. I hope I have the nerve and the means to check out when I am an incontinent, miserable mess.